Six things to watch for when hauling your boat


20120617Remove the speed log to prevent damage: This is common sense, but easily forgotten. The log is a simple paddle wheel that is generally located just forward of the keel, just where one of the lifting straps will probably go. Removing this is easy and done whilst the boat is in the water. Unscrew the speed log and remove, the through hole that the log has just come out of has a water flap that will close when the water tries to come in, (you will get some water coming in) but don’t panic just insert the replacement bung in the hole and screw it down in the same way that you removed the speed log – job done. Continue reading “Six things to watch for when hauling your boat”

Time in the Egadi Islands

20130720-6You know, when you talk about the “Egadi Islands” many will come straight out and say “Where are in Hades are the Egadi Islands?” or some will automatically assume they are buried deep in some undiscovered, exotic part of the world of the Pacific.

For us in Europe, they are much closer than you think. They are located off the western tip of Sicily. Palermo is the largest city to the area, also a hardcore centre for Mafia operations – although tourists will experience very little evidence of this. Trapani and Marsala are the largest towns closest to the group. Continue reading “Time in the Egadi Islands”

An Atlantic crossing under sail

20120222Para mi mejor fan Espanola, mi vida, mi corazon, mi “Chispa”.

Quiero decir un par de palabras sobre la vida abordo el embarcacion SY Feelin’ Good. Quedamos 4 dias por llegar, llevamos 12 dias navigando de Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. Somos 230 barcos de tipo diferente, barcos de regata, de crucero y de catamaran crucando 1750 milas de Oceano Atlantico. Continue reading “An Atlantic crossing under sail”

The best sources for yacht repairs in Malta


The following businesses are my absolute first time go to sources for yacht repairs, spares and solutions in Malta. If they don’t have it in stock, which would be surprising, they will get it in a couple of days.

valletta malta harbourPlease do not waste your time trying to source other businesses or “get it cheaper”. The fact is that the majority of the other businesses are supplied by the businesses listed below anyway! One thing I will say, these guys are in great demand so try and book them. Continue reading “The best sources for yacht repairs in Malta”