Time in the Egadi Islands

20130720-6You know, when you talk about the “Egadi Islands” many will come straight out and say “Where are in Hades are the Egadi Islands?” or some will automatically assume they are buried deep in some undiscovered, exotic part of the world of the Pacific.

For us in Europe, they are much closer than you think. They are located off the western tip of Sicily. Palermo is the largest city to the area, also a hardcore centre for Mafia operations – although tourists will experience very little evidence of this. Trapani and Marsala are the largest towns closest to the group.

There are three principal islands and a couple of large rocks. Marettimo, Favignana and Levanzo. Favignana is the largest of the group, a pleasant little fishing village, enjoying or suffering, depending on your point of view, a boom in the tourist trade. In days gone by it was an important centre for tuna processing, which is at the moment experiencing a revival. Perhaps this revival is some what due to the Marine Reserve status that the waters surrounding the Egadi island have.

20130720-9We spent three very pleasant days anchored just nestled inside and to the west of Punto Longa, a small harbour which is located on the south side of the island. The anchorage is shallow but has great holding, we sat out a northerly gale here and were reasonably comfortable. Ashore there is relatively little, you will find a good restaurant and nearby road that will take you to Favignana town.
The islands are wonderful and extremely scenic, the sailing is good, keep an eye open for the ever increasing number of tuna nets dotted around the waters but above all keep a close eye on the weather, at all times of the year, as these islands are first landfall the Mistral will hit after leaving Sardinia. If you do see the a Mistral piling it’s way towards you head to Trapani where you will find shelter.

Enjoy the islands, I hope to return soon!


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