20120118Thank you for taking the time to visit the site… my name is Sean Furney, I am really pleased that you have taken the time to visit this particular “About The Author” page. To be honest with you, this “About The Author” is more about the site rather than me.

The way that I see it is, that it’s all very well having a load of articles and lovely images up online but more often than not you, the reader, want to know who is actually writing and why you should pay any attention to what this person has to say anyway?

There are loads of questions that will go through a readers mind when they first start reading a blog or reviewing information online…“Why should I read the articles on this site? ” What’s in it for me the reader?” “What makes the author of this site someone you should listen to on this particular topic?” Well, this is where I hope to give you a better understand of:

  • Understand what information you will be able to find on the site.
  • Learn a little about my personal background and all that good stuff!
  • Find out more about my professional career so far.
  • …and most importantly, learn how I might be able to help you, whilst out on the water!

…let’s understand what information you will  find on the site: I am a professional mariner and have been for the last 17 years, by professional I mean earning a living from the maritime industry. You should see the site as my personal journal but whereI hope you will find the information useful and it will ultimately help you enjoy your time out on the water. It’s somewhere I scribble down information on places I have been, things I have seen, stuff I have done, problems I have over come and stories i’ve heard.

…a little about my personal background, me, myself and I, so to speak: I was born in Hong Kong in 1974, much of my childhood years were spent in Hong Kong and Nepal until the age of eight where I came to the UK and went off to boarding school, that was a culture shock and a half – it was 1982 when I came to the UK for the first time, I was eight and had never seen a TV before! I am now based in southern Spain near Gibraltar, married with 2 young strapping lads and am forever surprised at how wonderfully privileged my life has turned out.

…my professional career so far: My background is military, my Father, Uncle, Cousins…have all gone down the military route. I did spend some time in the Army but my destiny was at sea and sailing. I started in the yachting industry as a deckhand on a 74ft Andre Hoek design, it was in the days where how you looked, behaved and spoke were far more important than a CV full of certificates…how times have changed! From there I have had the great honour to sail and skipper many different yachts in many different parts of the world. In 2011 I was commissioned to a new build Hallberg Rassy 54 in Ellos, Sweden, since then I have been running the larger end of the Hallberg Rassy range for different Owners. I am at present running a private Hallberg Rassy 54 and have been for the last few years.

…helping you, whilst out on the water: It is pretty simple really, I have been sailing for a substantial number of year s in many places around the world and fell that I want to get my experiences down in writing. I am not here to ask for hand outs or subscription fees. This is simply my personal journal, something I want to share with you in the hope it might bring you a little knowledge and lots of happiness out on the water!